5 Perks of a Virtual Trade Show

As our industry adapts to the evolving tradeshow landscape, many events have transitioned their “brick-and-mortar” presence to virtual trade show experiences as a way to connect industry participants in a socially distant world. Virtual shows and events are a viable and cost-effective option to generate additional engagement when traditional shows are not practical. 

Virtual show events have become popular the last few years, creating a more personal experience on a global scale. Today’s virtual experiences include booth walk-throughs, educational sessions and real-time interactions with participants: 

  1. Global Audience Reach

    Virtual trade shows can attract larger global audiences, as they don’t require attendees to travel and there is typically no limit to the number of participants. Companies can engage with prospects anywhere, anytime on their desktop and mobile devices.

  2. 24/7 Show Hours

    Trade show participants can visit virtual booths 24/7 and watch recorded training sessions for 30-60 days or more, depending on each show’s timeline.

  3. On-demand Interactions 

    Interactions do not stop on the last show day. Participants can revisit virtual booths, re-watch exhibitor presentations, access downloadable content and submit follow-up questions.

  4. No Tired Feet 

    Participants can walk through “virtual” show floors by getting to an exhibitor of interest quickly from the comfort of their own work space. 

  5. Small Environmental Footprint

    No flights, no vehicle traffic, no disposable exhibitor materials mean much smaller environmental footprint when compared to “brick-and-mortar” events。 

Meet the Rogers Team at Upcoming Virtual Trade Shows

四季彩票登陆In this time of social distancing, Rogers’ commitment to connecting with industry partners and sharing actionable information remains unchanged.

In the next few months, we look forward to seeing you at the following virtual trade shows: 

  • , July 7-8, 2020
  • , August 2020
  • , October 2020

四季彩票登陆Our Advanced Connectivity Solutions team will be presenting the latest technologies enabling 5G wireless communication, automotive radar sensors, aerospace and other high-performance applications. Stop by our virtual booth, visit educational sessions and send us your questions. We look forward to meet you virtually! 

  • , July 15 – August 15, 2020

At The Materials Show, our Elastomeric Material Solutions PORON®四季彩票登陆 Comfort team will be presenting the latest in footwear comfort and protection technology. Visit our virtual booth for design information, networking opportunities and more.

Virtual Trade Shows

NEW: CONNECTED Preferred Converter Webinar Series 

Given the global impact of COVID-19, we made the difficult decision to postpone this year’s Preferred Converter (PC) Conference to ensure the safety of all attendees。 Our annual PC Conference brings together Elastomeric Material Solutions customers to share application knowledge and meet Rogers team。 

Our focus on delivering valuable information to our partners led to the launch of the CONNECTED Preferred Converter Webinar Series, a lineup of informative presentations that deliver application-focused content to our PCs. 

The CONNECTED series included topics ranging from Automotive (EV Battery Applications, Thermal Runaway Management), to General Industrial (Medical Devices, Growth in the General Industrial Space), to Rail。 


As regions across the world are gradually reopening, our industry is also preparing for in-person events. 

Our Power Electronic Solutions team will be exhibiting at the Laser World of Photonics CHINA Show, July 3-5, 2020 and the Battery Show in Europe, October 15-17, 2020。 Our Advanced Connectively Solutions Team is planning to exhibit at the Del Mar and PCB West shows in California this Fall。 

The health and safety of our employees remain our highest priority. Rogers has been following the international and local guidelines in preparation for each show. Our team will provide updates about participation in upcoming industry events on our website and social media channels.

As we reimagine our future, we look forward to continue building stronger relationships with our customers and partners both virtually and in-person! 


Consumer behaviors are shifting when it comes to making purchasing decisions. While price point or design used to be the primary factors influencing a person’s decision to buy footwear, increasingly we are seeing more emphasis on durability and environmental impact—particularly among younger consumers. 

While leading with a sustainability message presents a great brand marketing opportunity for some footwear manufacturers, many “green” initiatives being promoted to date have focused on using a cushioning material that is recycled. The companies behind these efforts may have good intentions, but the reality is that using recycled materials isn’t always the best approach to sustainability. For example, in some instances the resources and processes required to recycle materials could actually have a more damaging impact on the earth than manufacturing completely new ones.

At Rogers, the team has taken a very conscientious approach to developing materials for the comfort footwear market, with a focus on sustainability throughout all aspects of our production, supply chain, product offering and more。  But we know that choosing the right sustainable materials partner can be complicated, especially with so many different definitions of, and approaches to, sustainability。 Here are four factors to consider before sourcing an environmentally responsible material solution to meet your specific comfort footwear needs:

  • Manufacturing locale: Is the material produced locally, meaning is it manufactured where the customer needs the product?
  • Endurance: Are the materials designed and manufactured for sustainability/longevity?
  • Compliance: Does the material supplier have the right certifications in their factories?
  • Permanence: Are the designs built for “recrafting?” That is, do the outsoles require replacement?

Our partners rely on us every day to deliver on our promise to produce the highest quality, longest lasting solutions while minimizing our environmental footprint. Our commitment to that mission remains unwavering. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, please visit our web page on protecting the environment.


In the first quarter of 2020, Rogers achieved net sales of $198.8 million and gross margin of 33%. Read the full corporate financials news release: Rogers Corporation Reports First Quarter 2020 Results.

Selected quotes from our recent earnings call from Bruce Hoechner, President and CEO, on COVID-19

四季彩票登陆I’m extremely proud of the Rogers team for their tremendous response to the coronavirus pandemic, which allowed us to prioritize employee health, maintain business continuity and deliver results at the top end of our guidance。 When the virus outbreak first emerged early in Q1, we reacted swiftly。 Site pandemic response teams implemented safety measures such as remote work arrangements, social distancing policies, providing appropriate personal protective equipment and enhanced disinfection protocols to protect employee health。

Global operations and supply chain teams focused on site-level measures to maintain business continuity for our customers。 And at all levels of the organization other teams were empowered to make rapid decisions to protect employee safety and to meet customers’ needs。 Caring for our employees at this time is an essential priority。 And in addition to the robust safety measures implemented, we have also temporarily expanded certain benefits to provide employees additional support to care for themselves and their families。 To date, we have effectively managed the situation and minimized disruptions to customers, but it continues to be a dynamic situation。

Q1 2020 Earnings Call Slides

Q1 2020 Earnings Press Release

Understanding and respecting the demands on our healthcare community working tirelessly to help so many people.  

Busy Nurse’s Station In Modern Hospital

While many Americans walk an average of 3,000-5,000 steps per day, or around two miles, those who work in healthcare, can accumulate far more due to the pace of the occupation. For example, according to Healthline, a nurse will take an average of 16,390 steps in an average shift.

Today’s health care workers are having more demands placed on them than ever before.  Longer shifts, more days at work and more activity overall are taking a toll on their bodies. Having proper footwear is a critical factor in their comfort -helping to provide support, reduce back strain, alleviate pain and provide an added layer of protection.   

When designing the right comfort solution, understanding the specific needs of the healthcare workforce environment is paramount. For example is the materials able to withstand:

  • Continuous pressure from standing
  • Long hours of wear
  • Dynamic pressures from walking
  • Hard unyielding surfaces

In a time when more is being demanded of our brave healthcare workers every day, Rogers is proud to work in collaboration with our customers to offer high-performance footwear solutions that provide exceptional cushioning and protection needs. More specifically, we are impressed by our footwear partners that are rising to the challenge to support healthcare workers in this critical time of need. Our hearts are there with all, every step of the way.

For more information on our comfort solutions, please visit our PORON® Comfort page.


It is not an exaggeration to say that current events have introduced leadership teams to unforeseen challenges。 We are truly in unprecedented times。 In my role at Rogers Corporation, I oversee our Human Resources, Environmental Health & Safety and Communications functions: three areas that are extremely busy at a time like this。

Ben Buckley, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

When the unexpected happens, the first thought is concern for our employees and how this will affect their lives. Quickly, our teams were presented with changes and challenges that transformed the way we work. Like many companies, our office employees transitioned into working remotely. Our manufacturing teams are reporting to work, continuing to support many essential industries that Rogers serves, such as healthcare, telecommunications infrastructure and food safety.

As an organization, our initial priorities are safety and taking care of our employees – and ultimately, I am responsible for these areas. The Rogers leadership team has leaned on our Cultural Behaviors (link) as guiding principles, including to Live Safely, Just Decide and Speak Openly. We are making quick decisions and being transparent in our communications with all employees, prioritizing their health and safety at each step. We have lots of information going to our teams from multiple channels and this commitment to transparency and consistency enables these messages to be effective.

Personally, I am also actively working to stay positive and focused. It is difficult to have our routines upended and to find a new normal. To help with that, I’m making sure to follow a few self-imposed rules:

Start out the day with something positive.

I know that each day will present difficult challenges and decisions, so I want to be sure to start out with a good attitude. This can be a morning workout, taking advantage of the opportunity to eat breakfast with my family now that we are all at home for the short-term or even starting the day with a feel-good wake up song (a personal favorite is Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might be Giants).

Take breaks throughout the day.

It is easy to get wrapped up working in the comfort of your own home, especially when you don’t have to walk from meeting to meeting or leave the office to get lunch。 Whether I take the dog for a walk or take a moment to check-in with my family, I make sure to prioritize at least a few minutes to recharge, reset and refocus。

Only watch the news to be informed, not overwhelmed.

The 24-hour news cycle provides constant coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. In my role, it is important to stay informed, but I do not want to overwhelm myself or my family members with too much repeating information that can turn to fear. Listen to learn updates, filter that information and then disconnect until new information is available. I tend to check-in early in my workday, in the afternoon and then once in the evening so that I am prepared for the next day. 

Reach out to my coworkers.

I choose to see this new normal as an opportunity to spend more time at home with my family and pets. However, I miss my work connections. Running into a coworker in the hallway can result in a great idea that turns into a great plan. I make a point to maintain contact with my team to keep that line of communication open, especially while we are remote.

How do you stay positive and focused in the current environment?

Stay Safe,

Ben Buckley

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